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Hang tight while we prepare your form...

A word from the Holston Conference

In the Scriptural Story, we see that names matter to God.

In Holston’s story, we believe names matter as well, as they reflect our sense of connection and our sense of calling.

Over the past several weeks, the churches of the Holston Conference have been suggesting new names for our districts as we move from twelve districts to nine districts. This change was approved at the 2017 Annual Conference as one part of the Holston Conference Strategy.

We are now in the process of selecting a name for each of these nine new districts that will represent the gifts and unique characteristics of the people and places of each part of the Holston Conference. 

From the names that have been suggested, each district superintendent has worked with a district committee to determine the top three choices. 

Between now and December 8, 2017 you have the opportunity to vote on your favorite district name from these three choices. New district names will be announced on December 14, 2017.

Thank you for your input! It's an exciting time of anticipating how God will continue to act and how we will continue to respond as the people called Holston. 

More information on the new districts and the naming process can be found at:

strategy.holston.org .