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Go. Do.

1st United Methodist Church is at work at home and around the world.

During the month of September  people were encouraged to Go.Do. in many different ways. 

Below is a look at some of the projects tackled during the month.

Where will you go.do. ?

Jesus calls us to Go. Do. During the month of September,  people lived out that call in several ways beyond the church's day to day work in the mission field. 

Scroll down for a look at the special projects that happened in September

or click below to learn about ongoing ways for you to Go.Do.

Celebrate Recovery

Welcome Table

Family Promise

Habitat for Humanity


    Second Harvest Workday

    Each Wednesday, a small group of people from 1st UMC volunteer their time at Second Harvest Food Bank in Maryville.  On the last Wednesday of September, the group got a bit bigger as other folks from 1st came out to Go. Do.  at the region's largest food bank. 


    Flood bucket packing

    On September 3rd, about 40 people came to help pack flood buckets for UMCOR.  

    Recent flooding in Virginia and West Virginia have resulted in a depletion of "flood buckets"  in the Holston Conference (where 1st UMC Maryville is located).  These buckets are one of the first things used by UMCOR when responding to floods and hurricanes.


    Card making for KARM

    The 300 cards made at this Go.Do. event will be taken to Knox Area Rescue Ministries in Knoxville.   The cards will be left on the beds at the KARM shelter to let the people there know that the bed has been prayed over. 


    KARM Donation Truck

    Thanks to everyone who brought items to the KARM trailer.  The organization benefits in many ways from what you brought.   If you missed the donation time here at the church, don't worry, you can still take the items directly to a KARM store.  Be sure and mention 1st UMC when you do so we can earn gift cards we can hand out to people in need for use at the KARM stores. 

     (Click here for a full list of what you can donate and where to donate)


    KARM Tour

    Each day, Knox Area Rescue Ministries provides help for hundreds of people in need.  KARM is much more than just a shelter for the homeless.  As part of our Go.Do. focus in September, a group of people from 1st UMC took a  tour of KARM  facilities in Knoxville, learning how they help not only rescue the homeless, but also help restore their lives, all in the name of Christ. 


    Home repair mission trip

    Big Stone Gap District in SW Virginia

    Heavy snowfall back in February created big problems for dozens of home owners in the northern part of the Holston Conference.  Answering a plea from the disaster response coordinator in the Big Stone Gap District, six people from 1st UMC spent a weekend making repairs to a home in East Stone Gap. 


    Children's book drive

    September 11th & 18th

    Thanks to your generosity, hundreds of books were collected over the two Sundays. All will be taken to the Brown Food Pantry at Broadway where they will be given to children whose families are using the pantry. 


    Home repair mission trip to SW Virginia

    Six volunteers from 1st UMC headed out on September 17th & 18th to help make repairs on a home damaged during a winter storm earlier this year.  Several other homes in the Big Stone Gap area are still in need of repairs so they can be ready for the return of winter. 


    Stop Hunger Now

    120 people came out on a Saturday morning to pack 10,000 meals in just 90 minutes time.  Learn more about where the meals will go and how they will help those in need by visiting www.stophungernow.org .