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easter is coming!

Sunday, April 16th is Easter Sunday, a day when we celebrate the risen Christ.

Beginning March 1st we enter the season of Lent, a time of preparation, reflection and repentance.

From special worship services to small group studies, there are many ways for

you to actively participate in the Lenten Season.  

Below you will find more details on all that is happening at 1st during Lent and what is in store on Easter. 

Click here for a look at Lenten studies offered here at 1st UMC.

ash wednesday

march 1st

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and it emphasizes our sinfulness before God and our mortality.  During Ash Wednesday services, the minister will lightly rub the sign of the cross with ashes onto the foreheads of worshipers.  The use of ashes is a sign of mortality and repentance.  Historically, ashes have signified purification and sorrow for sins. 

                                                                                                          (Taken from "Why ashes on  Ash Wednesday? on www.umc.org)

6:30 am - 7:15 am

Rev. Nance will be in the sanctuary to impose ashes on any who wish to stop on the way to work or school. 

12:00 pm

Noonday Ash Wednesday Service in the sanctuary (Upper Level).  There will be special music, prayer, meditation and the imposition of ashes.  The service should last approximately 40 minutes.

6:30 pm

Ash Wednesday at Celebrate Recovery (Asbury Hall - Lower Level)

Rev. Charles Maynard (District Superintendent of the Maryville District UMC) is the guest speaker.

(A light meal will be served prior to the worship service at 5:30 pm.)

noonday worship

each wednesday

march 8th - april 5th

If you are looking for a time to pause ... reflect ... and pray we invite you to 1st UMC each Wednesday for special Noonday Lenten worship services.  The theme of the worship during this time is "tables" and there will be guest ministers each week bringing you the message. The services will last about half an hour and a light lunch will be served afterward in Wesley Hall (upper level).

March 8th

An Interrupted Table

Rev. Doug Smith - 1st UMC, retired

March 15th

A Testing Table

Rev. Bill Booth - First Baptist Maryville

March 22nd

A Timely Table

Rev. Carol Wilson - Holston Conference of the UMC

March 29th

A Forgiving Table

Rev. Bob Hayes - Broadway UMC, retired

April 5th

A Wide Table

Rev. Eric Bronkala

Shannondale Community/Middlebrook Pike UMC  

special worship

From Palm Sunday (April 9th) through April 15th we will mark what is known as Holy Week with special worship services and activities.

From April 10th through April 14th, there will be special noon worship services in the Sanctuary with guest speakers each day and lunch following.

Our Maundy Thursday worship service is set for April 13th at 7:00 pm.

Good Friday worship service is on April 14th at 7:00 pm.

Keep watching for more details on each of these activities!

chuck knows church

When it comes to questions about church "things" like Lent, Maundy Thursday, or what happens during Holy Week, a guy named Chuck seems to have all the answers.  Take some time and browse the videos below and see what you can learn about all things church.  And if you still have questions, well, as Chuck would say, ask your pastor!