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Church directory

In February of 2018 photographers from Re:Member Church Directories will be at 1st United Methodist Church to help us put together a new pictorial directory.   Each person and/or family who comes in for a picture session will get a hard copy of the new directory along with an 8x10 photo from that session. 

A makeup day for pictures has been set for Monday, February 26th. 

To make an appointment please call 866-557-2253.

Picture sessions happen :

February 20th to February 24th.

We are hoping this new directory will serve as a valuable tool in communications here at 1st UMC.  The online directory will be updated using the new photos and will remain available to all members.  (Please see the instructions below on how to gain access to the online directory.)  

Help us update the directory information!

While the photographers will be collecting some information for the new directory, they will not be collecting additional email addresses and phone numbers that you may use in your household.  If you've had any changes in the last couple of years, or notice that something is missing or incorrect in the online directory please let us know by clicking here and giving us your updated information. 



This useful tool for finding church member information was compiled using instantchurchdirectory.com. Because it is an online service, it is updated frequently and members have instant access to the directory through tablets, smartphones or a PC.

All church members who have an email address listed in the directory can get online access through a PC or a smart phone app. This helps keep access to the directory secure! 

(Your email address MUST be in the Instant Church Directory

                                                                   system for you to gain online access!)

UPDATES made for Android App!

Members with existing passwords need to click on "sign-in" on the Welcome screen.  If you do not remember your password or you want to change it, you can choose "Forgot Password" to create a new one.  Remember to validate access to the app your email address must match the email in the online directory system. 

Members who are new to the app need to click on "CREATE LOGIN" on the Welcome screen and then follow the on-screen prompts. 

Click here to create your account on a PC.

(You will be asked for your email which must be one listed in the directory. You will then get a confirmation email to activate.) 

Click here for info on downloading the app.

*If you are unable to create an account it is likely that your  preferred email address is NOT listed. 

Click here to submit a picture you would like to appear in the directory. (*It will appear in the online directory soon after you submit the photo, but not in the print version)

          If you have any questions please email the church   

        communications director at chensley@1stchurch.org