Youth Sunday school is open for youth in 6th through 12th grade.

Currently the Youth Sunday School Classes meet in Wesley Hall on the Upper Level.


Youth Fellowship meets Sunday night at 6:45 in Wesley Hall.

Youth study also happens as part of Wednesdays at 1st at 5:00 pm in Wesley Hall. 

Contact Director of 1st Student Ministries, Chris Jacobs for more information.

Email Chris Jacobs 


Adult Sunday School is from 9:15 am to 10:20 am.

No matter your age you can find an Adult Sunday School class to welcome you. 

See classes offered below.  Email Rev. Nathan Irwinto get connected!

  • room 201

    Bible Study Buddies is a smaller group that does an in-depth study of books of the Bible, verse by verse using Study Bibles, Commentaries, and online Bible resources. Zoom is available for class members that live out of town or are homebound (computer, webcam, microphone, and speaker are required for Zoom). 

  • ROOM 205/Zoom

    Bible Survey is a close-knit in-person class with Zoom available for those with physical limitations or Immuno-compromised. Studies include interactive quarterly curriculum and biblical topics with nurturing moments for prayer requests and discussing life experiences.

  • room 129

    Challengers are constantly challenging ourselves to live our faith according to the example and words of Jesus. Members represent a variety of ages, life experience and viewpoints. We are committed to study, pray and fellowship as a group with Jesus as our core. We encourage and support one another to service our congregation and community. Volunteer class members as well as guest speakers lead each week. Average attendance is 25-30.

  • room 123

    Christian Living defines our mission, which is to live our faith daily. Our discussion-based studies are a balance of biblical topics to deepen our faith, and studies that explore how to put our belief into action. With studies, missions, and social as a focus, our group serves with projects such as a Christmas party for Blount County inmates and their families. Most of our members arrived in this community with little family support. We are family to each other both inside and outside the church and would love to add you to our family.

  • ROOM 124

    Compass Class is a Sunday School class that welcomes young adults with careers and children.

  • Room 151

    Garst is named after missionary, Dr. Ronald Garst whose passion was providing medical care to the poor in India. The Garst class was created in the mid 60’s in his honor and continues to serve local mission work such as Scouting programs, Habitat for Humanity, Welcome Table and Holston Home for Children. Studying quarterly curriculum, you will gain new insight and focus for ministry and find this small group both welcoming and caring. 

  • ROOM 152

    Heritage was formed in the early 1960’s and transformed over the years into a larger diverse class made up of singles and couples from all walks of life. We are a loyal, loving, and caring group who fast become friends. Lessons range from Scripture to diverse lessons and often host guest speakers, all of which are based on our Christian beliefs. Opportunities are plentiful for volunteering, prayers, and financial support of missions and local projects. Heritage offers quarterly social gatherings. Many of our current members represent the mature age bracket, but we welcome all ages.

  • Room 254

    Inspiration is a great source of encouragement and support and meets weekly to study lessons from the Bible and discuss how to apply these lessons to everyday life. We enjoy the fellowship during class as well as class socials and serving and volunteering for many of 1st UMC’s programming such as Welcome Table, 1st Kids, Choir, as well as in our communities. Average age of members is between 30-50 including both singles and couples.

  • room 119

    Open Arms is a class of progressive Christians of all ages and backgrounds. Our arms are open to anyone who would like to attend! We believe in the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as the love and compassion of Christ. The class facilitator prepares slides summarizing a chapter of a book and poses questions to promote discussion. We aim to provide a safe space for sharing, being honest and vulnerable, and keeping minds open to possibilities. The United Methodist Church proclaims "Open Minds. Open Hearts. Open Doors." We aim to gain a deeper understanding of our faith and show God's love to others through Open Arms.

  • Room 204

    Sojourners is an adult coed Sunday School Class that uses the United Methodist Sunday School Curriculum for weekly studies.  With multiple facilitators, the class has variety in scope and style, creating a fun and exciting learning environment.  Discussion and participation by the whole class is encouraged and takes advantage of the knowledge, viewpoints, and perspectives of all our members. Besides studying together, we are a Life-group that regularly spends social time together, growing in relationship with Christ and supporting each other through good times and hard.  We welcome guests and new members.

  • ROOM 202

    Trendsetters are a group of active adult singles and couples committed to deepening our walk with Christ through Bible study.  Our group is actively involved in the ministries of First Church.  We seek to encourage and challenge each other each Sunday morning through our study using a discussion format that allows us to share experiences about our faith journey.  All are welcome. "Go and be perfect" is our constant goal and weekly challenge.