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Wesley Day School is a preschool program meeting three mornings each week here at 1st UMC. The school serves three, four, and five year old children.  This program (which runs independently of 1st UMC)  has been awarded a three-star rating by the Tennessee Department of Human Services, the highest rating awarded to programs of this kind. 

Philosophy: Wesley Day School bases its program on Gesell's philosophy that each child is unique. Each has his own particular rate of development. Even within a child, different abilities often develop at different rates. A child's development cannot be speeded up or hurried. Where a child is, the child's development age, should be respected and taken into consideration in what we ask them to do. 

Registration: If you are interested in registering your child for Wesley Day School you will need to contact the director, Kathy White at 865-984-8917.  More information about fees and programs are available at www.wesleydayschool.com