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LUKE 14: 7-14  


Anytime I read Luke 14:7-14, I remember the first ‘fancy dinner’ I went to where there were place cards. I sat down with my friend at a table and then was told by one of the hosts, no, you can’t sit just anywhere, you have to find your name. I was in high school and had never even heard of ‘place cards.’

There was that awkward milling around looking for my name. seeing other names and wondering why so-and-so was sitting next to

what’s-her-name? WHERE is my name? And then, after you find your name, who is on my right and left? 

Am I sitting across from someone I know? Why was I placed here?

Seating arrangements are awkward. When Jesus offered this teaching, he may have made it more awkward for some and a relief for others.

What do you think?

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