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LUKE 16: 19-31


Every single day the rich man went outside, he encountered Lazarus. Yet not once did he acknowledge the needs of the poor, broken human at his gate. We often operate like the rich man, going about our business without noticing or acknowledging needs right at our feet.

A couple of years ago, I heard Rev. Dr. Tom Long preach on this passage. He said, “Sometimes a window opens in life and there is the kingdom, right there. God is acting in the world to bless and redeem the world and we’re invited to be a part of it. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. But the window opens, then closes, and it’s too late.” 

Every day the rich man passed by Lazarus and the Kingdom of God was opened for a moment to provide a blessing to both men…yet it never happened because the one wasn’t open to the possibility that there was something else he could need in life: a blessing.

May God open our eyes and our hearts to God’s Kingdom in our midst. 

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