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  • A Family Tree

    Christmas and Advent 2017

    December 3rd - December 25th

    Throughout the seasons of Advent and Christmas,  we will be exploring the story of the birth of Jesus by focusing on  his family tree and how we are all a part of it.  From special musical events, to  Wednesday Noonday Worship and Candlelight Christmas Eve Services, find out more about what's happening by clicking here.

    Sign up for daily Advent devotions beginning on December 3rd. 

    December 3rd

    10:30 am    Contemporary Worship Christmas Special

      5:00 pm    Children's Christmas Program - Christmas is Jesus

    December 6th, 13th & 20th

    Wednesday Noonday Worship

    December 10th

      8:15 am     Morning Glory Chorus Cantata - I Hear the Prophet Callin'

    December 17th

    10:30 am    Chancel Choir Cantata - Carols of Christmas

      7:00 pm    Chancel Choir Cantata - Carols of Christmas

    December 24th

    10:30 am    Combined Morning Worship

      4:00 pm    Christmas Eve Worship (especially for children and families)

       7:00 pm    Christmas Eve Worship (Traditional)

    10:00 pm    Christmas Eve Worship (Traditional)

  • Sleepers, Wake!

    Presented by the Word Players

    @Celebrate Recovery

    Wednesday, December 20th at 6:30 pm

    Asbury Hall (lower level)

    It’s been over 400 years since the people of God have heard a word from the Lord. All of the sudden, Gabriel starts popping up around town. First Zechariah, then Mary gets a visit from the same angel who visited Daniel long ago. How do they respond? How would you or I respond? Is He really coming? What will this Messiah be like? Will He be a warrior king, a knight in shining armor, or born like a refugee to a poor family with no place to go?

    Sleepers, Wake! takes a quick witted but hard studied contemporary look at the stories from the beginning of Luke, leading up to the birth of John the Baptist. Gabriel’s visits to Zechariah and Mary, and Mary’s visit to Elizabeth are among the re-imagined scenes. 

    With story brought to life in a modern context, and songs to touch the heart, Sleepers, Wake! reminds us to receive the Messiah into our life on His terms, and put off whatever might be in His way. 

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