Even after the biggest failures, 

Even after the worst case scenario has happened, 



MARCH 31, 2024

Worship Services

7:30 AM

Sunrise Worship

Montgomery Ridge Intermediate School

Parking lot

835 Montgomery Lane, Maryville

8:15 am  

Traditional Easter Worship

Sanctuary (upper level)

10:30 am  

Traditional Easter Worship

Sanctuary (upper level)

10:30 am

Contemporary Easter Worship

Asbury Hall (gym, lower level) 

Easter Sunday at 1st United Methodist Church in Maryville offers everyone opportunities to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, to see how that moment transformed the world and continues to offer hope for all.  As we come together we reflect on the power of God's love for us through the story of Easter. 

Whether you are a lifelong follower of Christ, are exploring faith for the first time, or simply seeking a place where you feel welcome, we invite you to experience Easter in Maryville. 

In the days leading up to Easter there is a roller coaster of emotion.  The story of Palm Sunday offers us images of jubilant crowds welcoming Jesus to Jerusalem, a scene we remember as we wave palm branches and the children process down the aisles.  Just days later the story becomes somber as  Jesus tells his disciples what is coming, his crucifixion and resurrection.  Sadness, denial and betrayal follow this news and ultimately there is grief as Jesus' followers see him die on a cross.  

On the third day Jesus arose and while some doubt still followed, the Resurrection reminds us to always look for God in our midst and to celebrate Jesus' triumph over death.  Thus begins a time of celebration, a season of hope and a time to learn how we can all share God's love with others. 

What do you hope for?

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