prayers for

the 2nd week of lent

February 25th

Holy God, I cannot escape the waves. The levees give out. The storm waters keep rising. It’s everything you already know: the wars, the gun violence, the lonely dinner tables, and the need for healing. Some days it almost feels too much, so today I ask: hold my weight in your hands. Help me float again. Keep my head above these waters. Amen.

February 26th

Hey God, it’s me. I’m back again. The rain is coming down slant and the world feels cold, so once more I return to you in prayer. On days like these, give me the strength to find you between the thunder claps. Give me the wisdom to breathe deeply, to stay curious, and to look for your goodness in the world. My prayers are unending. My gratitude is the same. Amen. 

Februrary 27th

Seeking God, you know that there are some days when I run to you—days when I am wise and strong, centered and rooted. But you know that there are other days when I am like a leaf in the wind—tossing and rolling, carried by a different stream. Help me to be intentional in my seeking. Plant a passion deep in my gut to find you under every rock and around every turn. Like Peter, I want to get out of my boat. Like Peter, I always want to walk toward you. Amen.

February 28th

Saving God, I cannot fix the broken places in the world, but I can bring them to you in prayer. So today I pray for all the places where storms rage. God, hear the sound of the military planes and the children who cry. Hear the hurtful words uttered in heated moments and the grief-stricken funeral eulogies. Hear our brokenness and draw close to us now. And as you do, we will keep our eyes on the horizon—looking for you amidst the waves. Amen.

February 29th

Holy God, on my worst days I cling to the fact that you reached out immediately. When Peter began to sink, you did not hesitate. Remind me of that truth when I am knee-deep in the swells. You are a God who reaches. Never let me forget it. Amen.

March 1st

God of the wind, how often do I cling to the edge of the boat? How often do I allow fear or my own insecurities to win? Create in me a brave heart. Put your voice alongside my own. Help me speak with courage even when my voice shakes. The storm may rage, but I know, I am not alone. Amen. 

March 2nd

Loving God, sometimes it feels easier to trust you than to trust myself. I doubt my ability to make a difference. I doubt my ability to speak clearly or to follow you consistently. I swim laps in the deep waters of my own self-doubt. So today I pray: when those narratives begin to howl, remind me that before my doubt learned to speak, you were calling me good. Drain that pool of doubt that I swim in and invite me once more to stand. Amen.