conversation matters

Technology has advanced so rapidly. Our medical care is better. Our ability to keep informed with the world is better. Grandparents are able to watch

grandchildren grow up, even from great distances with the help of Facebook and Zoom.

With the advancements in communication, has come unintended side effects. Online we have the ability to comment on a world of topics anonymously leading us to say things we would never say to someone's face. On Facebook, we can hide the things that we don't like. We don't have to see the other side of an argument. We can filter our news so we never hear of the world's events.

As people who are called to be a light in this world... 

We need to know what is happening in the world. 

We need to hear all sides of the story. 

We need to respectfully share our side.

During each Conversation Matters event, we will have conversations about specific cultural and historical topics. These discussions will be led by scholars and experts who care deeply about the conversation and the church.

Past conversations

Good conversations can help us all lead to some understanding, especially when those conversations are about things we may know little about.  For each Conversation Matters event, experts in certain fields help us better understand the complexity of issues that we may think we know a lot about even if we already have strong opinions on the subject.  We have created a safe space for delving into a variety of issues including: 

  • Islam 101
  • What happened at General Conference 2016
  • Challenging Segregation
  • Homosexuality and the Church
  • Is Immigration bad for the environment?
  • The Church and the State