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we rolled on the river

Our time on the Rolling River Rampage has ended and

now it's time to take the lessons we've learned out into the world. 

Find Adventure on the River!

Find Acceptance on the River!

Find Joy on the River!

Find Rest on the River!

Find Peace on the River!

We would like to thank all the volunteers and staff  who helped make VBS so much fun!

Lila Miller

Elizabeth and Jonathon Coffield

April Watson

Elizabeth Morton

Mollie Evans

Renee Blodgett

Denise Johns

Carmen Faircloth

Alexa Johns

Amelia Geis

Chris Lee and the band

Nathan and Crystal Irwin

Catherine Nance

Sarah Slack

Susan Daves

Sherry Miller

Jason Lambert

Steve Feather

Amber and Dallas Monroe

Mark and Shana Dowlen

Julie, Adam, Lake, Lincoln Larson

John Cherry

John and Wendy Wand

Greta Smith

Amanda Small

Suzanne Click

Julie Nelson

Mike, Janel, and Mason Nocton

Judy Stephens

Steve and Pat Fugate

Lauren Fugate

Sidney Daves

Ellie Smith

Elizabeth Giffin

Dianna Faircloth

Sam Barto

Eve Bevill

Megan Carroll

Sophie Shepherd

Clara and Samantha Ousley

Kevin Painter

Jewel Rankin

Susan Best

Miranda and Linda Brakebill

Lauren Brown

Karen Malone

Amanda Painter

Jim and Pat Scruggs

Anna Henneke

Isabella Morstat

Amelia Richardson

Cathy Finney

Chris Crim